Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I Can't Go Without Window Tinting

I have become one of those car nerds, you know the type who has totally geeked out on certain accessories, who now feels like they can't live without it. Visit Austin window tint. For me, I can't live without window tinting. Every single car that I've owned for the last decade or more has had car tint, matter of fact, it is the first upgrade that I do to any car I buy.

It is inexpensive and it immediately makes a car look better. It doesn't always have to be dark tint either, even a low percentage tint can change the look of a car for the better. I am of course also into the so-called 'murdered' look where you take an all black car, remove everything shiny from the outside, get black rims and really dark tint.

I'm into that look as well but I'm also into the lighter tints that I would use on my wife's car or allow my kid to drive when he gets older. It is just the one accessory that a car seems to need. It is like an old 1940's actor refusing to go anywhere without an handkerchief in their suit pocket.

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